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Ch02 pg08
I’m finishing pages in fits and starts again, so time to post the end of this scene! You can now follow my progress on my Patreon, as well as keep up with the other comic and art projects I’m  currently involved with:


Noah Bailey 
Age – 23 
Height – 6’2″ Weight – 275lbs 
Noah is the eldest child, and undisputed head of household since their parents were killed nearly 7 years ago. However this role isn’t one he would have taken if he weren’t forced into it…
Caleb Bailey
Age – 18
Height – 6’0″ Weight – 165lbs
Brash and often unruly, he alienates people easily, but this outward appearance hides something else entirely…
Rosemary Wilkes 
Age – 17
Height – 5’6″ Weight – 116lbs
Employed by Noah to take care of Sam. While dedicated and the perfect caregiver, she isn’t without her own dark secrets…
Samuel (Sam) Bailey
Age – 10
Height – 4’6″ Weight – 65lbs
The youngest Bailey child. He has spent the vast majority of his life in hospitals and sick beds, and inexperienced, but determined to make up for lost time at any cost…
Magdelene (Maggie) Thompson
Age – 22
Height – 5’8″ Weight – 155lbs
Hair – Brown Eyes – Browm
Noah’s childhood friend. She was engaged to their mutual friend Peter Wyatt, but that didn’t work out so well…